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I had this idea that a good name for my travel posts was Old People in Small Cars on Big Roads, but there is a 15 character limit on a URL, and as it turns out, my car was not small but large.  It also turns out that I'm writing about more than traveling on roads, but in some ways, it is all traveling. And I do so love the name.

I am a writer and a passionate lover of humankind.  The first summer I worked in NYC, my favorite thing to do at lunch time was sit underneath the Kodak photograph at Grand Central or on the steps at the 5th Avenue Library, where I'd watch people being people. As someone who has spent most of her career in HR, I'm well acquainted with the seamy underbelly of humanity, and am finding that having a maximum exposure of observation and banter is more to my liking.


The first posts with dates are about my roadie, the trip that got me back to writing and photographing. Wix tells me I need to say more about me and I've been loving bullets recently:


  •  Ever since I was pregnant I can't stand the smell in the laundry detergent or fertilizer 

  • I prefer salt to sugar

  • I have been arrested

  • I'm a bacon-eating vegetarian, have been all my life

I look forward to sharing more with you

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