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Old Person Roadie

Fleshing out my old person in a car on a big road image, paper maps from AAA were imperative. White Ford Focus with Florida plates for a rental car? One can only hope. Here's the very roughly sketched itinerary: New Canaan CT, Pittsburgh PA, Louisville/Lexington KY, Paducah KY, Memphis TN, Bentonville AK, top of Oklahoma to see the prairies and mesa, Amarillo TX, Santa Fe NM, then it's all a bit vague - hearing mixed about Flagstaff, probably Four Corners, maybe Zion but by then, like Bill Bryson on his backpacking adventure when he got sick of carrying a heavy load and threw all his food and water away, I may be ready to park the car on the side of the road in Death Valley and walk.

Thank you for joining me on my two week wander, it will be nice to have someone to talk at.


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