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2/20/23, New Canaan to Pittsburgh

Last week, when I was doing the dance with death on Storrow Drive (I won, natch), I got a pang of guilt thinking about the Oklahomans that were going to be exposed to my embarrassingly aggressive driving, and how unfair it was to these innocents. Yet again I vowed to do better and meant it. Today the roads were littered with New Jersey drivers, riding on whomever's tail until they got what they wanted (I moved out of the way). It seems that the left lane/passing lane theory has not yet made its way as far inland as Pennsylvania. Trucks, minivans, any old vehicle will drift from one lane to another for no apparent reason, going 40, going 70. oblivious to anyone else on the road. There must be some cultural meaning there. I kept my promise and drove respectfully, perhaps because there were cops everywhere….

New Jersey was rocky in a dramatic way. In PA, I saw chicken processing plants (Bell & Evans), Dollar General and Amazon distribution centers, a very long freight train, and lots of very tidy farms with washing hanging on the line. A man wearing an Amish hat and thick glasses driving a small car, which was confusing. The famed Deitrichts of Krumsville, best smoked meat anywhere, and Yocco's the Hot Dog King, since 1922.

The warmth of people, their genuine hellos will take a bit of time to get used to. A nice wander in the Strip District of Pittsburgh which is a few miles from my hotel which has slow Internet so no photos today :(

Columbus, Cincinnati and Louisville tomorrow, any refs?

The world famous Yocco's on the road between NJ and Pittsburgh

My dining room for two weeks. Iggy's bread, peanut butter, marmite and seaweed will keep me fed in dark times.

A demo site, that I was able to walk right into, contrasted with cotton ball clouds

Pittsburgh is home of the Heinz family

Outside the museum

First of many statues of men


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