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2/19/23, Boston to New Canaan

At first, Irina Smirnova, as I knew she was called because of her nametag and matching pen, was surly, but that was because I hadn't gone to the right counter. After we got to talking, her beautiful blue eyes softened, she re-lived a bus tour she had taken to Chicago and upgraded me. José in the lot greeted me as a long-lost relative, took the time to find me the most comfortable SUV with the best gas mileage and gave me the thumbs up while telling me to have a great trip. It wasn't the white Ford Focus with Florida plates I imagined when I made up the name Old People in Cars on Big Roads, but the joy is in the unexpected.

Reins Deli for some car candies and the reassuring jewelry store sign - Hardware Store for Women

First night in New Canaan and a special treat from my dear sister of some foot reflexology, which somehow fixed my back pains. She followed up with a bruschetta bar for dinner and a little James Herriot before bed.

Upgraded wheels with, aaaah, New York plates.

Old people taking selfies

I tried to pretend I'd never been here and take photographs of things that I would notice.


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